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The more you Knō, the less you need.

Yvonne Marston

The Face Behind the Brand

My family and me (our chocolate delight Kona, too)

My name is Yvonne Marston. I’m a forty-something mom of two and wife of one, living in the scenic seacoast of New Hampshire. Although most of my days are consumed juggling kids activities and their respective sports, I make every effort to dedicate the slivers of time I do have, to my business.

Origin of Product

The concept of Knō-Bü® Brand Products was born out of a need for maximizing my clothing, specifically my coats.

I owned classic coats that I loved, but was bored with. I didn’t see the need in replacing (why waste money and add to landfills), I was simply seeking a quick update.

I knew there had to be a product out there that was an affordable, easy way to transform the look of my coats (scarves could only go so far and replacing buttons was simply too much effort and too permanent of a solution).

That’s when the idea hit me: I knew I needed interchangeable, fabric button covers for a quick, easy transformation. 

And my search began…I scoured the web for this type of product, to no avail. That’s when I realized that I may be on to something.

I theorized that a stretch fabric button cover could offer a quick, affordable transformation of coats (or any item featuring buttons). And that a tiny round covering could offer limitless style options.

To test my hypothesis, I gathered together a few household items and created at prototype – tested it, and had an a-ha moment. I quickly realized that this product could have a very interesting place in the market.

Knō-Bü® Brand Button Covers: Kids’ Collection

Not too shortly after, I discovered another application for my coverings: cabinetry and dresser drawer knobs. And thus, began my entrepreneurial journey.

Kno-Bu Brand dresser drawer knob covers beach chic.
Knō-Bü® Brand Knob Covers: fish house style in green

Knō-Bü® Brand Products (featuring our branded Knob and Button Covers) pronounced (nooh-boo) is Flexible, Adaptable, Changeable Self-Expression. It’s a novel accessory for change makers. 

Knō-Bü® is a term that I created – it’s a fusion of the words knobs and buttons as this stretch-fabric covering can be used on both. It’s a versatile accessory that can be used in both apparel and home décor worlds. 

Knō-Bü® Brand Products is on a mission to teach you how maximize your life by reusing what you’ve got. We believe in the power of change. As such, we strive to give you the tools and strategies to make transformation happen. We encourage you to put your own personal stamp on style, while minimizing your environmental footprint.